About us

Gobi Khurakh LLC is a Mongolian exploration and development company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of natural resources and non-ferrous metal properties which are located in Mongolia.

The company currently wholly-owns exploration licensed area in a number of prospective copper, gold, iron ore, polymetal and variety of coal assets in Mongolia.

The Gobi Khurakh LLC has actively been operating in the Mongolian mining sector since 2005.

In recent years our company has achieved remarkable result in exploration of premium quality thermal coal, iron ore, gold and copper-molybdenum deposits and development of certain projects.

Moreover Gobi Khurakh LLC holds eight mineral exploration and two mining licenses on coal, gold and iron ore properties in Mongolia. Besides coal production, export and coal chemicals projects are progressing on schedule. Furthermore the company has skillful and professional administrative, geologist, logistic, drilling, blasting works engineer, mining equipment technician team, own workshop and heavy machinery.

In addition to that we have co-established a Mongolian registered Joint Venture Company in association with an Australian listed coal production and development Hunnu Coal Ltd. Company focused on development of strategically located coal assets to China and its export, in Mongolia’s Middle Gobi Region. The JVC focuses on development of Unst Khudag high quality brown coal project which is located in Gurvansaikhan soum, Dundgobi province.

The company plans to supply a wide range of coal and iron ore products to markets in Asia. As Mongolia is a growing strategic key player in the global coal market due to its vast reserves of high quality coal, combined with its close nearness to China and high demand of Asian markets. Mongolian mining companies play a significant, expanding role in powering China’s heavy industries and coal fired generating capacity.